8.15 am – School begins
10.15 am – Recess
10.45 am – Lessons resume
12:45 pm – Lunch eating time – supervised
1.00 pm – Lunch play break
1.30 pm – Lessons resume
2.45 pm – Dismissal

Term 1 30/01/2019 – 4/04/2019
Term 2 23/04/2019 – 20/06/2019
Term 3 15/07/2019 – 19/09/2019
Term 4 07/10/2019 – 05/12/2019


Parents are asked to co-operate by ensuring their children are on time for school, as arriving late causes disruption to class routine and can cause embarrassment.
If your child is going to be absent please notify the school as soon as possible and provide a reason for your child’s absence.
All absences will be recorded on the school’s attendance record.
A written note to your child’s teacher or a telephone call or email to the front office is appropriate.
Families are encouraged to have holidays during holiday times; however, sometimes this is not possible. Please notify the school in advance of any planned term time absence to enable an exemption to be obtained.
If your child comes to school late or leaves early they need to come through the front office so that their attendance or absence can be recorded. This is also important if you take your child out for part of the day, such as to visit the doctor.


Children who require first aid first see the teacher on duty and following this they are assisted to come to the office where they are attended to by staff with up to date first aid training.
Sick children are also sent to the front office for assessment. Sometimes they just require some quiet time or a short rest.
If children are unwell, a member of staff will try to contact parents in the first instance and if we are unable to contact you we will try others on your emergency contact lists. If the school is unable to contact anyone, the Principal is empowered to seek whatever medical attention he feels is necessary.
If your child has a medical condition, a plan to ensure they stay healthy at school will need to be negotiated. This plan is essential for any students who require medication during school hours.
All medicines and puffers will need to be clearly labelled. All medications are distributed from the front office and can only be distributed if they are supported by a medical plan devised by a doctor.


Students are strongly encouraged to utilise the library facilities by borrowing books on a regular basis.
All students can borrow during their class time on a designated day each week. Each student is provided with a library bag that is required to be used to protect any book borrowed from the library.
Parents are also welcome to borrow from our library and there is a small Parent Resource Library in the front office with information on many different aspects of raising children and learning. Please ask Rose if you require any assistance borrowing from the school or parent library.


Lost property will be brought to the front office and displayed at morning assembly if it is not claimed. Please make sure all items of clothing and hats are clearly named.


The Parents and Wantoks Committee provides a canteen service from week two to week nine of each school term.
If students want to order their recess and / or lunch for collection each Friday they need to submit their order by 8:15am the preceding Wednesday by using the re-useable lunch order bag supplied by the school.
The Canteen Manger, with help from volunteers, will collate all recess and lunch orders and these orders will be distributed, from the canteen, at recess and lunchtime on Fridays.
An up to date canteen menu and price list will be sent home to all families at the beginning of each term and the canteen manager will circulate a roster of volunteers to assist with counting money and collating orders on Wednesday and distributing lunch orders on Fridays.


All uniform can be purchased from the uniform shop during school hours…

The school uniform consists of the Sports Uniform and Dress Uniform. You can read our Uniform Policy here.

Dress Uniform

Girls: Uniform dress, school hat, black sandals or black leather shoes or sneakers and white socks.
Or Boys’ dress shirt, girls’ maroon culottes/skorts or shorts, school hat, black sandals or black leather shoes or sneakers and white socks.
Boys: Uniform dress shirt, maroon shorts, school hat, black sandals, black leather shoes or sneakers and white socks.

Sports Uniform

Boys and Girls: Blue or Red house polo shirt, navy blue shorts, school hat, sandshoes and white socks.
Dress Uniforms are to be worn on all school days apart from designated class PE days.
Sports Uniforms are worn on the day that is the class PE day.
Uniforms are compulsory and students are encouraged to take pride in themselves and their uniform.
Appropriate footwear is essential and thongs are not permitted.
Excessive amounts of jewellery or make up are not part of the school uniform.
The P&W will advise the Principal on any variations to the school uniform.
Uniforms can be purchased from the P&W through the school office and a second hand uniform facility is available.


All children are required to wear a school hat whenever they are involved in outside activities such as daily fitness, physical education lessons and lunch and recess playtime.
This rule is in place for children’s wellbeing and to reduce the chances of developing skin cancer.
Children not wearing hats will be asked to sit on a bench, in the shade, outside of the principal’s office.
Parents are encouraged to support the sun smart policy by applying sunscreen.


Students are not to bring mobile phones or electronic devices to school.
Parent contact with students can be made directly on fixed landline phones, with messages relayed by staff in the front office.

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